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Hey everybody! The website’s been pretty neglected for the last few months, but I have remained busy as ever.

Before all that, I have a little business to attend to: book signings. Taking advantage of the holiday rush, we’ve scheduled signings to support Project R on three back-to-back weekends this month starting tonight. It’s short notice, I know, but if you can make it to any of these I would love to see you there even if you don’t buy any books.

  • Friday, December 2nd 2011 from 4pm-7pm
    -Mead’s Corner, 430 East Douglas Avenue Wichita, KS
  • Saturday, December 10th, 2011 from 10am-2pm
    -Hastings Entertainment, 316 North Main Street Stillwater
  • Saturday, December 17th, 2011 from 10am-2pm
    -Hastings Entertainment, 316 North Main Street Stillwater

I love love love hosting book signings. It gives me a chance to interact with folks as an author and really connect with people who enjoy books in general, not just my own. And, writing being a solitary affair, it gets me out of the house every once in a while which I’m told is good for me 😉

Other Projects
2011 has a been a strange year for in terms of writing.  It has been a year of starts and stops.  I have at least three novel scripts started that I believe are fantastic.  I have at least twice as many rough outlines for new projects.  On top of all that, I’ve started dabbling with writing comic book scripts.  The problem comes from deciding what gets priority, which I prefer to the opposite problem: having no projects to work. 

To give you a little background on the script-writing thing, a while ago I wrote a script for a short film that my brother and a few of his friends worked on.  While the movie never saw the light of day, writing the script was a nice exercise in a medium I had never tried before.  I figured I would give comics a shot for the same reason.  That, and I really love comic books.  It’s been pretty fun.  I’m roughly halfway through a planned 4-issue sci-fi series which I aim to pitch to several publishers of creator-owned works.  My brother and I also have our own projects, the first of which I’m hoping to unveil in the early part of next year.

For you Black Armor fans, don’t worry, Book 3 has not been ignored.  I have part of a draft finished and, once we get through the craziness of the holidays, I plan to make it my top writing priority.  Promise.


Whoops, I was enjoying the 4th so much I almost forgot to post this. Next week’s should be earlier in the day.

Four-letter Words and Such
I do my best to keep a clean mouth. Really I do. From a communication standpoint, swearing rarely enhances any particular point you are trying to make. The overuse of profanity shows a marked lack of intelligence, too, as it’s far easier (and lazier) to just throw in a cuss word than to actually take the time to articulate your thoughts.

From a Christian’s standpoint, we are taught that “from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” So following that line of thinking, what does that say about us when we swear? (more…)

I apologize for the flip-flopping on the posting schedule. I’ve been testing things to see when the best time is to publish the posts.  We’ve also been fiddling with the Facebook fan page to get things right. Bear with me, and we’ll get it nailed down with less variation in the future.

My Mom’s Favorite Movie
There are few movies that have real staying power. I enjoy plenty of movies over a swath of different genres and even rave about some of them, but few truly stay with me long after I’ve watched them. Gladiator is one of those movies. This and The Last Samurai are my two all-time favorites. While there are some similarities between them, the differences are enough that I will cover Samurai in a later post. (more…)

The Crap List
When you grow up doing a lot of air traveling like I have, you tend to have favorite airports; places that provide a nice diversion or two from an otherwise long trip. The Singapore Changi International Airport is among my favorites as is Orlando International. But, what truly helps you appreciate those airports are those that are downright horrible. I’m sure this list is by no means complete given that millions of people travel every day through airports I’ve never even heard of, but these are the ones that I’ve experienced and will dread if I have to go back through them.


What the…again?
This blog has been sorely neglected for a good while now.  I got it all nice and spiffy looking and then completely ignored content.  For the last few weeks, I’ve been struggling with what to do about it, but kept coming up dry.  Just so I was doing something with the blog, I recently ran back through the archives to clean things up, typos and whatnot.

A few things happened as I read those old e-mails and posts.  My first thought was, “Geez, my writing sucked.”  My next was, “Geez, I sounded whiny.”  But, within each subsequent post, I saw maturity slowly develop, and then I was struck by a rather convicting thought: I am no longer as open and honest with my blog writing as I used to be.  As negative as I was and as typo-ridden as those early writings were, at the very least I tried to make them entertaining for the five people who read them.  And (here’s the kicker) I actually had fun doing it. (more…)

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m really looking forward to 2011. I see the next 12 months as a blank canvas begging for brush strokes, an empty page to be filled with eloquent words, a road that must be traveled, a cliche that demands to be used.

Seriously though, I am excited you guys!  I’m hoping to have another book (Project R) drop within the next two months, I have two more books that I’m working on simultaneously, a novella that begs to be finished (I’m looking at you, Tim), and more story ideas than my poor brain should be able hold.


Christmas is almost here and as with many holidays, it is a time of celebration and reflection.  This past year has been a good one overall.  Sure, there are always the tough spots, but we’ve weathered them well and right now I can confidently state that life is good.  We’ve gotten gradually more aggressive with our book marketing.  I performed two book signings in October and both were very successful.  We had another one last weekend (again a big success) and today and tomorrow we’ll slam out two more.  If the previous three are any indication, we should see more copies of The Thief and the Red Mandolin and The Island of Istburn floating in and around the public.

After last weekend, the number of copies of Mandolin pushed past the 100 mark.  It was one of those experiences that you feel happier about the more you think about it.  When it first came to my attention, I was pleasantly surprised and moved on with my day.  As the day have  passed, I would now change that to “surprisingly pleased.”  It’s a great benchmark.  It means that the wheels are just starting to gain traction, however slight it may be.  Beyond this, I have another book drafted (Project R) that I promise will be done early next year, a novella that should also see the light of day soon, a new book has been started, and I have enough new story ideas to keep me busy for at least five years.