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No Longer Here

Posted: October 19, 2012 in General

I have moved my blog stuff over to a new full-on website at Please go there to keep up to date with what I’m doing as I will no longer post any updates here.

Thank you.


Slight Delay

Posted: June 27, 2011 in CYA News, General

This was supposed to have posted earlier, but I just realized that WordPress, usually very reliable, failed to publish it. As you saw, there was no post last week and there won’t be one this week either. We had a bunch of stuff break with our cars and our house all at the same time. Meanwhile, we’re also trying to get Project R finished up. Consequently, the blog has taken a backseat for the moment. I apologize for the delay in CYA News, but the posts will resume next Monday. Hopefully, we’ll get the Facebook page updates figured out as well.

Again, sorry for the delay. See you next week.

Project R Update

Posted: April 18, 2011 in General
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Just a quick update on Project R. The book is nearing completion. The cover design is finished as is the interior template. There are probably two more rounds of edits to finish up. I’m shooting to have it all wrapped up and sent to the publisher by the end of the month.

It feels weird. I’ve been talking about and working on this book for about a year and a half, and the finish line is now in sight. It’s a shorter book than my first two, but I put a major emphasis on getting it right. In my first edit, I chopped out something like twenty pages worth of text. I’ve since added more pages back in as other parts of the story took precedence, but even then I’ve hacked out a bit more. It’s been a fun and very experimental book to work on. I hope you guys enjoy it when it comes out. Stay tuned for a release date.

Backups, Updates, and Brian Reagen

Posted: February 25, 2011 in General, Writing

Don’t worry, I still exist.  We had a ton of stuff break around the house and on our cars so the last month or so has been kind of nuts.

I do have some things for you guys.  The first is that I finally imported all my old blog posts from Blogger and they go way back to around 2004.  It even includes an ill-fated webcomic I tried to do using The Sims 2.  Hard to believe that some of it is almost 7 years old.  Secondly, I am continuing work on Project R as well as another new project that I’m pretty excited about.  More on those as they come.  And lastly, I have a few things around the internet that need fixin’ (updates, deletions, creations, etc.) and I’m hoping to roll all those changes out over the next few weeks.  To you guys, it may not seem like much, but keeping everything lined out and organized when you’re a two-man marketing team can be tricky sometimes.

Anyway, more on all that good stuff later.  In the meantime…ummm…have a video:

The revamp of An Author’s Desk is complete.  Obviously, since it’s a website, things will change periodically, but it is now in a form that best fits my intent.  You will have no doubt noticed that I’ve changed themes (yet again) in my efforts to keep a clean, simple look that still has a sense of polish to it.

Near the top of the site, you’ll see tabs for each one of my writing projects.  As the number of projects increases, I may have to think of another method for organization, but this should work for now.  If there is any news about any of my writing projects, I will post them here as well as update the individual pages. 

I’ve probably spent way more time foo’ing around with the sidebar than anyone ever should, but it now looks much closer to my ideal.  The order of the different segments has been changed around a little.  There is a new e-mail subscription option for those of you who do not want to mess with checking Twitter, Facebook, or an RSS feed yet still have the desire to be automatically told when I post something new.  I’ve slimmed the “Where to Buy” section to just two links.  Amazon now has Author Pages and the link will take you to the one I have set up.  Incidentally, the Author Page also has its own section for blogs so to retract what I said in my last post, my blog entries will now appear in three places: here, Tumblr, and my Amazon Author Page.  Also, I previously published the book through Smashwords, but apparently something went screwy with the file I uploaded so I’ll need to get that fixed.  I’ll announce when that happens (hopefully this week).

Getting back to the sidebar, the links have been cleaned up and reorganized in much the same way that Fortune 500 companies reorganize themselves: some things stay, some things go, and some things get changed beyond all recognition.  

I have yet to take down the FreeWebs website, but that will be on my To Do List for this week.

Black Armor News

With that out of the way, I do have some other news on several fronts.  Today, I officially start my rewrite of The Island of Istburn, the sequel to The Thief and the Red Mandolin.  As odd as it may sound, I actually prefer the rewrite period to the initial first draft period.  The rewrite will take longer and involve tons of reading, research, and re-reading as well as checking for typos, cracks in the plot and subplots, character inconsistencies, factual inaccuracies (sounds weird for a fantasy story, but trust me, they happen), and improving the description and dialog.  And yet, this part excites me more.  Probably because the rewrite is where the story really starts to take form.

I liken it to a sculpture.  You start with a block of stone, then chip away the biggest chunks with your heaviest chisel, creating an amorphic blob that might or not look like something lewd and obscene.  Then you go over your hideous creation again, this time with a smaller chisel and to your relief it begins to look somewhat less hideous and more like what you envision in your mind.  With each subsequent pass, you use finer and finer tools to eventually shape what had once been a piece of rock in the dirt into your own personal statue of David (which is still lewd in some sense, but you get what I mean).  A more basic way of putting is that you finally get it to the point where you can say, “Wow, that actually doesn’t suck so bad.”

I’ll spend the next few months hammering out the mansucript until it is in an acceptable form to publish.  When it’s done, unless the series gets picked up by a publisher, I’ll self-publish it through CreateSpace and make a big announcement about it here.

Project R and Pentinium

The other novel I just finished drafting is tentatively titled Project R and I will begin the first round of edits once Istburn is published.  Also, keep an eye out for announcements about the Pentinium series.  The first book is currently in the review phase where I hand it to other folks to read and let them pick apart.  Once I get comments back, I’ll incorporate the ones that make sense and make a couple more editing passes before getting it ready for publication.  As mentioned previously, my brother and I want to send this to a sci-fi/fantasy magazine first, chiefly the Magazine of Fantasy & Science Fiction with Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show as a backup in the event of a rejection.  If neither magazine picks it up, we’ll self-publish it through CreateSpace as a novella and keep on truckin’.

That’s it for now.  I have recently adopted such archaic tools as pencil and paper in a desparate attempt to manage my schedule.  For some reason, I have never liked tracking schedules and dates electronically.  Sounds strange coming from a guy who has a plethora of electronic gadgetry (a good portion of which should be hauled to the recycle bin) and enough spare cables to wire an airplane, but such is the way of things.  Anyway, the point is that I’m now planning my minutes ahead of time which should lead to a more efficient work and home life.  Let us see how well it works.

30-Day Novel: Round 2, Day 1

Posted: June 19, 2009 in General

Alright folks, once again, here we are now (entertain us! j/k) about to start another 30-day novel run.  I’m excited to get this thing kicked off.  I anticipate it will be a fun experience like last time and a very growing one.  It will give me chance to see how much I’ve improved over the course of a year and strike off in new directions.  The Word count meter is posted over on the right and progress will be tracked as often as I can (which usually mean every other day).  I’ll give you guys little updates as I go along.

Also, be looking in the near future for more updates about the first book.  It’s getting so close to publication, I can almost taste it.

Catch ya later,

El Capitan

The Start of Something New…

Posted: April 16, 2009 in General

I’ve decided to once again enter the blogging realm. It’s been almost a year since I’ve done anything with my old blog, CYA News, and I figured its high time I started again. However, I want to take a new approach. Don’t get me wrong, I loved writing CYA News, but I had a tendency to pack too much in one article and the content was pretty random. Eventually, I got too busy to put the effort I felt was needed to write up the articles and consequently kept shoving them to the side in favor of other things.

With An Author’s Desk, I want to keep the posts smaller in size, sticking with only one or two topics per article. I will still include reviews of things I come across (music, movies, anime, etc.), but I want keep it to one review per article or even separate them entirely from other topics. Topics will revolve mostly around writing (as the name suggests) as well a few personal thoughts about life, the universe, and everything.

By taking this new approach, I aim to keep this blog fun, as its intended to be, and not turn it into another job. Plus, my handy-dandy iPhone has a couple of applications that allow me to post articles and make updates from anywhere. Technology is a wonderful thing 😉

That’s all I have for now. Stick around folks and see what happens.