Late, but Still Worth It

Posted: September 23, 2011 in Writing
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As an apology for the lack of updates, I give you the following penance…

Project R is now available for purchase!

Adam has never felt as though he belonged in the little commune nestled in a back corner of the megacity, a world of concrete and metal. Life is easy enough. He is respected and admired, but his own sense of purpose eludes him. When he and a group of scavers – the provision gatherers of the commune – break down the door to corridor fifty-eight in search of more supplies, they unwittingly release a swarm of terrifying creatures and Adam‘s world is torn apart. The commune is attacked, and he goes on the run with a handful of survivors. When they are rescued by a pair of scientists, Adam learns the truth about the megacity, the creatures, and, to his shock, the role that he specifically must play to restore life to a dying world. Only, Adam isn’t so sure he wants the job.

As with my other books, availability at the various outlets will be in stages.

To buy it today for $11.99 (+S&H), visit CreateSpace

Once it’s up on Amazon and in its various e-book formats, I’ll make another announcement.

Man, this one took a lot longer than I expected it to.  I started with a very structured approach and was very brutal with the book during the editing process.  My initial edit run chopped out something like 20 pages.  I wound up adding that much back in and then some.  Then I went back and hacked away again.  I lost count how many times I ran through the manuscript, tweaking, changing, deleting, and adding to shape it into something I was really proud of.  And when I got the proof from CreateSpace, I realized it was all worth it.  The way the book feels in my hands, the way the fonts look on the inside, and the coloring on the cover, all of it exceeded my expectations.

I poured a lot of work into this little book and it was a lot of fun to make.  And now, you guys get to enjoy it with me!  That right there is the best part for me.  I love hearing back from folks who have read my books and what take away from them.  And be completely honest.  Don’t worry, I’ve got pretty thick skin 🙂


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