CYA News Vol. 3, Issue 6: 3 Things That Make Me Swear / Uncharted

Posted: July 4, 2011 in CYA News, Games, Life/Universe/Everything
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Whoops, I was enjoying the 4th so much I almost forgot to post this. Next week’s should be earlier in the day.

Four-letter Words and Such
I do my best to keep a clean mouth. Really I do. From a communication standpoint, swearing rarely enhances any particular point you are trying to make. The overuse of profanity shows a marked lack of intelligence, too, as it’s far easier (and lazier) to just throw in a cuss word than to actually take the time to articulate your thoughts.

From a Christian’s standpoint, we are taught that “from the overflow of the heart, the mouth speaks.” So following that line of thinking, what does that say about us when we swear?

And despite this, there are still moments where I find it difficult to not cuss. Three things come to mind actually:

1) Computers. Anyone that has spent about fifteen minutes using Windows knows exactly what I mean (Windows Vista? 2 minutes). Get the same cryptic error message three times and see how well you hold back that s-word. And if you ever get into debugging a program? Fuhggidaboudit.

2) Cars. This one, I think, is learned by observation. Watch your dad, uncle, brother, grandfather, or father-in-law any time they get under a car and within a few minutes you’ll know what I mean. It’s usually preceded by a loud ‘clunk!’ sound. I honestly believe that the birthplace of swearing was underneath a car (or maybe a camel, gotta have historical context).

3) Idiots. You know those people that give you the instant teeth grind when they walk in the room? Or maybe it’s the guy who wanted to save a precious half-second by cutting you off in traffic. Maybe even the guy you’ve had to explain three times that, no, I don’t want to sign up for that credit card, I don’t care if I get a free pizza and a t-shirt. Whomever you use to fill in that blank, we all have to deal with people that won’t have their heads on straight. We may not cuss right in their faces (usually), but in your head, you really want to.

All kidding aside, cussing probably isn’t the best of responses to when life drops you a computer glitch, or a busted fan belt, or even that jerk who didn’t use the blinker. As a Christian, I’ve been given a higher standing than what the world uses. While swearing ain’t exactly boozin’ or lustin’ it is one of those small things that can trip up new believers and undermine our message to non-believers.

Paul talks about our freedom in Christ and calls it a wonderful thing, but if in the exercise of that freedom we cause someone else to falter then it is we who are responsible. I believe cuss words have their place and can be used to effectively drive home a point (read CS Lewis sometime), but they should be used very sparingly and ensure the context is clear.

Weekly Showcase: Uncharted video game series
Indian Jones is pretty much the standard when one discusses anything that involves adventure and history in media. The Librarian series of movies essentially follows an Indiana-esque character except that the chicks are the ones that fight, not so much the dude. Lara Croft (Tomb Raider)? Basically, the girl version of Indy, but with more guns and dinosaurs.

Enter Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series of games. This character takes on a more carefree and mischievous personality than his fedora-wearing counterpart while at the same time possessing the physical aptitude and cool-headedness to take on loads of bad guys, save the day from power-hungry egomaniacs, and get the girl at the end.

Honestly, the Uncharted series is reason enough alone to have a Playstation 3 system. As I’ve already said, Drake is a fantastic protagonist. But, not only that, the folks at Naughty Dog (the games’ developer) have mixed in great gameplay, rich and vibrant settings, and a really fun storyline to bring us an all-around fantastically good time. If you have a PS3, or know someone who does, you owe it to yourself to try the first two offerings in this series (Drake’s Fortune and Among Thieves). The third one, Drake’s Deception, comes out in November and I am really excited to get it. I’ve already beaten the first game twice and the second game three times.

Next week: How To Write A Book, Pt. 1 / Shawn McDonald


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